From 2014 to 2016 I have been part of Narrazena, storytelling association in Genoa. In September 2016 I created Cublai, storytelling association based in my hometown, of which I am also President.







  • Borders – Writer, Artist * 2017



  • May 2017 / Mini-residency with Laura Simms, New York, USA
  • September 2016 / “La parola che trasforma” (The transformational word) Performative Storytelling Workshop on Ovidio’s “Metamorphosys” with Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Raccontamiunastoria, Roma). Hosted by Narrazena, Genoa, Italy.
  • August 2016 / “Share the Right Story” Erasmus+ Training Course in Olomuc, Czech Republic.
  • June 2016 / “From Shakespeare to storytelling and back” Performative Storytelling Workshop with Michael Harvey and Paola Balbi – Summer School of “Beyond the Border” International Storytelling Festival, St Donats Castle, Wales, UK.
  • May 2016 / Performative Storytelling Training course with Monica Morini, Bernardino Bonzani, Antonella Talamonti (Teatro dell’Orsa), in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
  • February 2015 / “Storytelling: Senses and Competences” Erasmus+ Training Course on the use of storytelling in non-formal education organised by Babel Education, Timisoara, Romania.
  • December 2014 / “Il piacere di raccontare” (The pleausure of telling stories) Performative Storytelling Workshop on Boccaccio’s “Decamerone” with Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi. Hosted by Storytelling Torino, Turin, Italy.
  • January – May 2014 / Creative Writing course on Short Short Stories with writer Tom Bailey @ Susquehanna University, USA
  • June 2013 / Workshops at International Storytelling Festival organised by Raccontamiunastoria, Rome: “Dreams and memories”, storytelling workshop with David Ambrose (UK) – “Voice for stories”, workshop on Linklater method with Margaret Assmuth (Germany) – “Rescuing the stories of the Bible: How to tell biblical stories in a secular world”, storytelling workshop with Shelley Gnade and Mary-Beth Howard (USA).
  • June 2013 / FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) Annual Conference, Rome.
  • October 2011 / Acting Workshop with Caterina Simonelli on Vassiliev method (as elaborated by Laura Pasetti) applied to “Measure for Measure” by William Shakespeare.
  • March – April 2011 / “Dal testo alla scena” (From text to scene) Workshop on theatre writing with Babilonia Teatri, organised by Fondazione Venezia and ca’ Foscari University.
  • March – October 2009 / 300-hour Course on video making financed by Regione Veneto and Fondazione Giacomo Rumor, Vicenza. 
  • February – March 2008 / “Il Cantiere del Girasole” (The Sunflower Factory), theatre workshop with Roger Assaf (Leone d’oro alla carriera 2008) organised by Biennale Teatro as part of the Theatre International Biennale Festival.
  • 2006 – 2009 / Three-year course at A L’Avogaria Acting School, Venice, Italy.

    Acting with Riccardo Bellandi and Anja Rudak; Commedia dell’arte with Vanni Carpenedo; Dance and Body movement with coreographer Carlo Zaja; Voice Training with Riccardo Michelutti; Singing with Gianluca Tumino; Venitian Theatre with Mario Bardella and Paolo Bertinato; History of Theatre with Nicola Mangini.
    Workshops with Andre Amos Niccolini on the Orazio Costa’s method; with Beatrice Schiros on acting; with Boris Vecchio on clownerie; with Fabrizio Cattani on acting for the screen.