I am a Digital Humanities PhD student at the University of Genova.

  • PhD website – The official website of the PhD course
  • PhD’s carnet – A blog updated by all Genoa’s Digital Humanities PhD students, with book reviews, course reports, and researches

My areas of interest are: Language teaching and learning, Narrative learning, Technology in education

My project revolves around the use of narrative to teach the grammar of a foreign language.



“How to create customized learning tools using online platforms. Specifically, how to create a visual dictionary (animated gif – word) using Tumblr”
EDU Learn 14 Proceedings


Academic Events organized:

Conference on corporate storytelling with Gianluca Marino (H-Art) and Giulia Pozzobon (Digital Academia), organized by the Digital Humanities PhD course and the Department of Modern Languages of the University of Genoa. I organized and hosted the event.

Raccontare storie nel web (December 16, 2016) – With Gianluca Marino



September 2009 – October 2011 / Laurea magistrale (2 years, Master’s Degree) in Applied Linguistics, with a specialization in Teaching of Foreign Languages and of Italian as Foreign/Second Language.

September 2004 – November 2007 / Laurea Triennale (3 years, Bachelor’s Degree) in Linguistics.

 September 1999 – June 2004 / Maturità classica (High school diploma in Classical Studies).


August 2013 / TOEFL – Test Of English as a Foreign Language (Score: 117 / 120)

March 2012 / CEDILS, Certificato in didattica dell’italiano a stranieri (Certificate for teaching of Italian to non-Italian speakers).

Other trainings

While at Susquehanna University

  • Technology in Education – Prof. Heather Ryder
  • Creative Writing – Intermediate Fiction (Short Short Stories) – Prof. Tom Bailey
  • Pennsylvania History – Prof. Carol Weaver
  • Teaching Foreign Languages with a Communicative Approach – Prof. Wanda Cordero PonceWorkshop “Humor & Multimedia: Engaging the Net Generation in the classroom”, Prof. Ronald A. Berk

While at Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia

  • Progetto Quadro – Cooperativa Logogenia, Padova – a.a. 2005/06
  • Progetto FSE “Recupero e sostegno dei soggetti afasici” – Università ca’ Foscari, Venezia – a.a. 2003/04
  • Progetto FSE Ob.3_Mis. E1 “Digital Divide, strumenti linguistici per l’integrazione socio-culturale e la lotta al digital divide” – Università ca’ Foscari, Venezia – a.a. 2003/04

While at St Joseph’s College

  • Professional Development for Teachers of Italian on CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) – Prof. Graziano Serragiotto – Organized by COASIT and VATI (Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian) – Melbourne, 25 novembre 2012
  • Professional Development Workshop “Differentiation in the classroom” – St. Joseph’s College – Echuca, 28 maggio 2012
  • Professional Development Workshop “Understanding by Design” – St. Joseph’s College – Echuca, 19 novembre 2012
  • Professional Development Workshop “Groovy Grammar” – St. Joseph’s College – Echuca, 29 ottobre 2012


  • Corso “Assistente di regia e produzione dell’audiovisivo” (300 ore da Marzo a Ottobre 2009) Finanziato dalla Regione Veneto
  • Webinar “Sharing stories: The creative protential of storytelling in EFL” – Instructor: Luke Vyner – MacMillian Education – 6 marzo 2013
  • Erasmus+ Training Course “Storytelling: Senses & Competences” – Organizer: Babbel Education, Timisoara, Romania – 22-27 febbraio 2015